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publishers seeking novellas Short Story Markets Click here for the Books Markets Page Below is a list of short story markets which I have collected over a few years from various sources. Whether you are a new author or have been previously published, Austin Macauley Publishers™ would like to hear from you. Join a thriving statewide community of writers to hone your creativity and craft. We’re looking for our generation’s Hemingway, Oates, or Steinbeck. We send you reviews of publishers accepting submissions, and articles to help you become a successful, published, author. Calls For Submissions BLUE MARBLE REVIEW is a quarterly online literary journal showcasing the creative work of young writers ages 13-21. Peachtree Publishers “Peachtree Publishers is an independently owned trade book publisher, specializing in quality children’s books, from picture books to young adult fiction and nonfiction. Horror Tree is a resource for authors providing links to publishers with open markets, writing advice, news from the industry, and more! Become a Patron! Search for: DAW Books seeks to publish a wide range of voices and stories, because we believe that it is the duty of the science fiction and fantasy genres to be inclusive and representative of as many diverse viewpoints as possible. We’re looking for a diverse range of authors, story settings, time periods, cultural backgrounds and protagonists. Calls for Submissions I post paying submission calls from publishers seeking fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry three or more times a week. Turner Publishing is accepting submissions of manuscripts and/or proposals. Publishers Black Sheep – specialises in small print runs of books by new writers with the aim of attracting the attention of big time publishers. They are open to submissions of novels and novellas for the month of August. We are looking for novella-length or book-length adult or young-adult fiction, written with a touch of the speculative from a Christian worldview. Abrams in 1949, ABRAMS was the first company in the United States to specialize in the creation and distribution of art and illustrated books. They are seeking quality novellas (15,000 to 50,000 words) and novels (50,000 to 120,000 words) in the following genres: horror; science fiction with a strong horror element; and fantasy with a strong horror element. Crime Fiction Publishers. James H Longmore. Publishers of m/m romantic fiction in both print and e-book formats as well as e-book only short fiction. All of the 40 publishers below are looking for romance, and some of them accept only romance novels/novellas (of varying heat levels). Support the literary arts in Texas. Please e-mail Katie at littlebirdpublishinghouse@gmail. Our editors are seeking tasteful provocative, intelligent fiction manuscripts in the areas of sexuality and erotica, romance, urban and street, science fiction, Christian fiction, and general interest, as well as nonfiction, and lively stories of all genres of fiction for the general population between the ages of 18 and older (as well as Young The Corvisiero Literary Agency accepts queries from both established and emerging authors. We publish fiction and memoirs in both print and ebook format. By submitting your email address, you understand that you will receive email communications from Bookperk and other HarperCollins services. Aside from our Literary Agents database and our long-running series Agent Advice, in which agents answer writers’ questions, another useful resource for finding detailed information on how to find and obtain an agent is Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents (New World Library, 2017). Please allow 6-8 weeks for us to review your work and reply. Support by ordering direct on DarkRegions. Submissions can be made by agents or authors directly. This page contains a list of those who will consider direct approaches. . He has an honors degree in Zoology and a background in sales, marketing and business. They also have calls for short stories for anthologies . Owned by the Torstar Corporation, the largest newspaper publisher in Canada, the company publishes approximately 120 new titles each month in 29 different languages in 107 international markets on six continents. Please note that we don't publish microfiction or novellas. The best site for book lovers and authors to get together, find and read books or get published. Seeking to purge hi How To Get Published. Book Publishers Taking Submissions. On each of them I specify the word count (if available). If it’s speculative and fits “We’re seeking imaginative, idea-filled science fiction and fantasy short stories. We encourage novels that are original and blur the genre lines. Penguin Random House Australia comprises an adult publishing division and a children’s publishing division. Whether it’s controversial or explicit, childish or colourful, our editorial team will undertake a comprehensive review. ESSAYS. If you are interested in reviewing books for The Collagist, please send finished reviews and pitches for reviews (as well as all other review inquiries) addressed to Book Review Editor Michael Jauchen at bookreviews@thecollagist. Guidelines. Submission is easy. Publishers have to allow for multiple rewrites and ample time to line up publicity, sales, and marketing. She will also consider complete manuscripts from writers she meets at conferences, or via referral from current clients or industry associates. Big Fiction is an independent literary journal publishing long stories and novellas, online and in collector's edition letterpress issues. $200 for Short Stories: 11 Publishers Seeking Submissions These markets pay $200 for fiction, and some pay considerably more. As well as operating a daily humor website , we also publish Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and an ever-growing selection of books under various imprints. They were descendants of the chap book trade and are now a thing of the past. They are generally open to About Us: We're dedicated to helping authors build their writing careers. In fact, some e-publishers prefer novellas to novels because some readers of electronic formats prefer shorter books—and a good novella can pack a lot of story into a limited number of pages! Quattro Books’ publications reflect the unique cultural character and dynamism of Canada today: what it has been, and what it is in the process of becoming. Shop our catalog. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. E-Mail notifications whenever new agents are added to QueryTracker or whenever their profiles are updated. Submissions are closed for your novel, at this science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative and urban fantasy publisher. submissions Olympia Publishers consider submissions from a wide range of genres, both fiction and non-fiction; from memoirs and biographies to science fiction and fantasy. While we would prefer stories with series potential, this is not necessary. This new paperback edition offers true tales of these take-charge princesses plus dozens more in a fascinating read that’s perfect for history buffs, feminists, and anyone seeking a different kind of bedtime story. Not all publishers demand submissions through agents. Melange is seeking highly romantic romance stories, novellas, and novels for their new imprint, Satin Romance. Headquartered in New Delhi V&S Publishers today publishes across a whole range of subjects with pan India distribution network. Publishers have precious little time and will be less inclined to dip into a manuscript if preceded by eights sides of waffle. Writing should be within the realm of the experimental and there are no taboos--sexually or violently graphic material is welcome when done in interesting ways. A novella also called a short novel is a written fictional prose narrative longer than a novelette but shorter than a novel The Science Fiction and She is Seeking: I represent a wide range of genres from MG and YA, to adult contemporary + literary fiction, mystery, psychological thriller, women’s fiction, historical fiction, horror, and select nonfiction projects. 5 Writing Lessons From CPA Exam Publishers. They do not publish romance, science fiction, fantasy Thank you for considering Salt for your work. James hails originally from Yorkshire, England having relocated with his family to Houston, Texas in 2010. Established in 1994, the Black Mountain Press is dedicated to promoting work of emerging authors of literary poetry, novels and short stories. Due to the volume of submissions, editors may only respond to projects they wish to further consider. Several offer competitive advances and royalties. Sort calls by payment rate, genre, and format under Sort Submission Calls in the sidebar at right. Humor Book Publishers Abrams Books Founded by Harry N. e. V outlining your writing experience, your hopes and aspirations for your writing, why you think you would be a good fit for Little Bird and links to your social media profile. Submit your essay. 3. Connecting Writers and Publishers. We publish poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and personal essays, as well as art and photography. Book Marketing Magic: How to Sell Your Novel, Children's Book, Memoir, or Other Book Like a Pro. All posts should be about writing, editing, critiquing and/or publishing one's own works of fantasy. Romance is hugely a popular genre, so it stands to reason that there is a wide range of romance publishers to cater to a wide range of tastes in reading — and a wide range of writers. Why some of Australia's leading book publishers are actively seeking unsolicited manuscript submissions, and what writers need to know before they submit. com to inquire as to the status of your submission. ChristianManuscriptSubmissions. Authors are asked to query before submitting manuscripts. Simultaneous submissions, on fulls, will be accepted provided you inform us if another publisher is considering your work. 5 x 11 paper using proper margins and in 12 point font. Small Presses Whether you’re pursuing the publication of your first book or your fifth, use the Small Presses database to research potential publishers, including submission guidelines, tips from the editors, contact information, and more. The Natasha Kern Literary Agency has sold over 1000 books. Fahrenheit Press is a new publishing house. Essays: We are currently seeking submissions to complete our anthology Modern American Essays. Please send as much material as you have—at least samples and outlines if not the full manuscript. Erotic romance novellas must have a “happily ever after” or “happy for now” ending. Quicker and more flexible than mainstream publishers, Short Fuse Publishing can make effective use of a client’s short stories, novellas, novels, poetry, nonfiction, multimedia, and more. We want stories with strong plots and compelling characters which strike fear into the heart of their readers. By Light Unseen Media is currently seeking outstanding and unique manuscripts in the area of vampire fiction and non-fiction. They have some specific submissions they are looking for as well, so make sure to look these over, too, on their submission page . Please review the guidelines below to ensure that your manuscript is delivered to the right place. We are seeking well-written, quality original manuscripts that thrill, enchant, delight or scare from new and seasoned writers. David Grossman's excellent "Yani on the Mountain" explores the impact of the 1973 Yom Kippur War on a group of young Israelis living on an army base that is about to be demolished. Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine - origninal mysteries from short stories to novellas ALTARWORK - written, audio, visual, and performing Christian art AMG Publishers - Christian publisher advancing the ministry of the gospel Milkweed Editions publishes 18-20 books per year of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and translation. Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications are proud to support new and emerging writers and their desires to be published. net, which currently has more than 150,000 subscribers. co. you are seeking college credit for this course, you GMT 33 Publishers and Journals Seeking Novellas - Bookfox - Ethos, pathos, and logos: definitions, Skyhorse Publishing Submission Guidelines. It accepts unsolicited manuscripts and prefers them in paper form. The Writer’s The market for publishing novellas is much slimmer than for short stories, but it’s not non-existent. We will consider novellas in length of 30,000 to 40,000 words and novels in length up to 120,000 words. Coffin Hop Press is looking for dark crime, psychological horror, and especially Noir-themed novellas (short novels from 20,000 to 40,000 words) to join our new Noirvellas line of releases. Most people find novels sell better than novellas, but I seem to be one of the exceptions. An established publisher of comic books, picture books and everything fantasy, for both kids and grown-ups, Reagent Press has delighted readers across the country. And while The Passionate Pen has grown into a much larger resource, this page is still updated and checked on a regular basis for accuracy. Submissions should be emailed to samantha. The Canadian literary scene is international; our national experience is informed and enriched through literatures brought by immigrants and newcomers. Novellas must be 30,000 to 50,000 words and novels must be at least 50,000+ words. We believe a great story is never defined by its length and welcome all genres and themes with compelling characters and evocative moments. ” Also, thrillers and mystery. Curiosity Quills Press is a publisher of hard-hitting dark sci-fi, speculative fiction, and paranormal works aimed at adults, young adults, and new adults. “First dates can be so awkward” (Wikimedia) H ere are sixteen publishers accepting dark fiction, horror, urban fantasy, military horror, and anything that goes bump in the night — including vampires. One of the largest industries that CMP tends to partner with is the academic industry. clark@commapress. In a recent New York Times article, Nigerian writer Tricia Nwaubani argued that Western publishers still determine the type of African fiction to be published and this is often for Western eyes. Not much of a market with trade publishers, but there's a market for self-published novellas. We want to know (tell us in the query letter) what makes your book distinctive from every other romance being published. One option is to approach a historical fiction literary agent to help you find a publisher, and negotiate a publishing contract on your behalf. How to submit; What we're looking for By Rachel Peterson. We have a dedicated team of commissioning editors each responsible for developing a list of high-calibre, serious and imaginative writers. call for submissions: We are actively seeking authors who can tell an exciting story and aren’t afraid to venture into new territory.  We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to the query process Make sure you follow our guidelines carefully to help us provide exceptional service. I often joke that I write for a niche audience of about ten people so I figured maybe an indie press would be the way to go to get my short story collection published. To submit material for consideration, please send the material to: Here are six science fiction and fantasy publishers that don’t require an agent. Fireside Fiction is the publisher of novels and novellas as well as a popular and respected magazine that we have reviewed previously as part of a larger article on speculative fiction. Short Synopsis of your FICTION story, novella or novel. Short Story Submission Guidelines. Submit your work by September 30th for consideration in our 2019 Spring print edition. If you have a great Regency story, we want to read it. The important thing to remember is that publishers are in fact avidly seeking out and paying for good books by new writers. Please submit manuscripts to editor@eldersignspress. Best Independent Horror Publishers for Libraries (updated 8. This is a multi-media course on how to market novels, children's fiction/picture books, memoirs, and other books. uk and ra. I have created a short list of possible publishers for The Whopper Strategies. Times New Roman, 12 pt Still seeking New Adult, historical romance, mystery and crime, action adventure, science fiction, fantasy and interactive adventures. Agents and Novellas - posted in AQ Connect - Agent Updates: I've written a pretty solid Novella. Over the course of our unsolicited submissions open periods, we at Tor. Contests. Novels, novellas, serialized fiction, and collections of short fiction by a single author. We specialise in Crime Fiction. (Many horror publishers say they are “swamped. Novellas must be between 20, 000 words and 40, 000 words. Urban Farmhouse Press is an independent publisher of poetry, fiction, and science fiction books. com (CMS) is the only manuscript service created by the top Christian publishers looking for unsolicited manuscript proposals in a traditional royalty based relationship. For years Crescent Moon Press has partnered with publishing companies in all different industries. They must be completed, typed manuscripts on 8. Publishers exist because authors exist. In publishing, as with all businesses, it is “brand Black Lyon Publishing is currently seeking queries with the goal of expanding our nonfiction catalog. If you have already submitted. They publish several subgenres of romance, including historical, suspense, paranormal, etc. Please note that submission guidelines have changed and as of March 1st, 2014, they will no longer be accepting unsolicited submissions of novellas under 35,000 words. V&S Publishers is an upcoming publishing house which aims to contribute towards the upliftment of Indian readers by providing them with highest quality books on diverse subjects at affordable prices. Genres include contemporary, historical, fantasy, science fiction, action/adventure, and mystery. Tips for writing and sending query letters. KENSINGTON: Established in 1974, Kensington, America's independent publisher, located in New York City, is the foremost independent publishing house in the United States publishing in hardcover, trade paperback, and mass market. Lullaby Hearse is seeking poetry, art and fiction with a focus on vivid imagery and clear prose. New! For authors looking to market their books, we also offer placements in the newsletter on our sister site, ManyBooks. E-publishers are readily taking on novellas of all genres, and readers of e-books are on the rise. Nouvella is an independent publisher dedicated to novellas. I do not find a prospective publishers for my book on spiritualism titled GOD DID NOT CREATE MAN/MAN CREATED GOD which is a nonfiction work of considerable length, of about 165,000 words divided into 10 chapters. A List of 28 Publishers for Erotica and Romance Posted on September 17, 2014 by Darla G. Before submitting your manuscript, take the time to do the following: And most importantly, we’re seeking authors with fresh, vibrant, unique voices. We're seeking short horror stories, small but perfectly formed dark fiction. The Plaza Literary Prize is a national novella competition. The Mark Smith Collection features Another Name for Autumn by Corrie Greathouse, The Big Drop: Homecoming by Ryan Gattis, and The Frontman by Jon Frechette. com Publishing have found a wonderful variety of novellas to acquire and publish. Perhaps, for that reason there are relatively few publishers accepting unagented manuscripts. Sandra is not currently taking on new fiction authors, but she will consider representation of established romance authors seeking new representation. In short, it could take a long time for your book to see the light of the bookstore. ” -from the publisher website. Specific areas of interest are: Self-Help and Spirituality, Religion and New Age, How-to and True Crime. We publish novellas and full length manuscripts in paperback and e-book form. This site lists publishers, agents, magazines, organizations, submissions, festivals, music, journalism, you name it they list it. But the developments in the digital market place provide new options for traditional publishers, so high-end hardbacks aren’t the only way to make novellas work financially. Horror/Fantasy Publishers Who Accept Direct Submissions I thought it was a struggle to find magazines to submit short stories to and have recently discovered it's even harder to find publishers to submit to with novels and novellas. Thrice Publishing™ (the NFP company that publishes Thrice Fiction™ magazine) will be publishing up to two stand-alone titles each year. The query process will be open from May 1 to July 31 annually. She is actively seeking diverse authors and pitches. A Public Space is an independent nonprofit publisher of an eponymous award-winning literary, arts, and culture magazine, and APS Books. *Bookperk is a promotional service of HarperCollins Publishers, 195 Broadway, New York, NY 10007, providing information about the products of HarperCollins and its affiliates. We publish 16 to 18 books a year of poetry, short story collections, and novellas. Requested manuscripts should be Word documents unless otherwise specified, typed in 12-point font, double-spaced, and paginated. Every manuscript is reviewed by the editorial staff. Novellas 1 through 6. We do not review manuscripts that have been simultaneously submitted to multiple publishers, we do not accept manuscripts that have been previously published (including self-published works) and Cosmic Egg is an imprint of John Hunt Publishers, a mid-list house located in the UK. To help you figure out where to submit short stories, we’ve put together this guide to 23 publications that publish short fiction. 7. Until the end of this open period, Tor. It is 10,824 words. In the new self-epublishing market there are opportunities to publish novellas yourself. Crimson Romance is currently seeking previously unpublished books and novellas for possible publication. We are also one of the few publishers to work directly with foreign agents and publishers to sell rights to our books internationally, and we've been successful with our books in the Seeking submissions Listed below are some local and large national publishers who are currently open for submissions, however please do check their websites as these guidelines can change regularly and not all publishing houses accept unsolicited manuscripts. We're seeking poetry, prose (fiction, nonfiction, memoir, journalism, interviews), art, comics, graphic novels, and drama for stage or screen. Main Street Rag Publishing Company is an independent publisher of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in our books and literary magazines as well as a print/bindery/productio Triplicity Publishing is a Lesbian Fiction publisher seeking quality works from serious authors. Thank you for your interest in Skyhorse Publishing. Salt publishes around twenty books of contemporary British literature each year. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Sailing to Byzantium: Six Novellas. Ebooks should be from 20k – 59k words, print books 60k-85k words. In addition, the site receives attention from agents, the press, film makers, schools, universities and other publishers. Reagent Press. They also are open about who is legitimate (the main purpose of this site) and who is…well, iffy at best. We are currently acquiring titles in the genres listed below. If you only have a few novellas and your ultimate goal is to write novels and obtain an agent, perhaps pitch your novella to indie presses as you work on the novel that is going to land you an agent. There are novella contests, calls for novellas, and novella publishers. Historical: We classify historical romance as any romantic story set before WWII, but we are specifically looking for stories set outside the Regency period. We do not accept electronic submissions, and manuscripts will not be returned. We publish teen novels, fiction, crime fiction, biographies, poetry and short story collections in both printed and ebook formats. Tips for using QueryTracker features. This is the official list of agents and editors who will be attending PitchFest 2018 at ThrillerFest XIII. We are an electronic publisher of sensual & erotic romance and short story erotica seeking creative storytelling and original style. Listing anthologies, magazines, websites, podcasts, and book publishers. Manuscripts may also be under consideration by other publishers, but if a manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere and you wish to accept this offer, please notify the Press immediately. Below is a list of literary journals and publishers seeking novellas. AgentQuery. If this time has passed and you have not received a response, you may email us at submissions@upturnpublishing. What we’re looking for right now: Big, high concept historical and contemporary romances! Primarily, inclusive and diverse romances that reflect our world–all sexualities, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, body types, disabilities, and ages! To date, Retro Hugo awards have been given for novellas for 1939, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1951, and 1954. All authors are invited to submit their work, including unrepresented authors, and new unpublished authors. Submissions are either open now, or will open soon. not just in the email). com/www/wp-content/themes/penguinrandomhouse If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of writing and publishing historical fiction it’s that historical fiction is a genre that many people love to read and even more people love to write. Publishers have typically stayed away from novellas for economic reasons. Collections of short-stories and poetry are difficult to market to publishers, so we generally avoid taking on new clients based upon these works. 33 Publishers and Journals Seeking Novellas Pinterest • The world's catalog of ideas How to Write Your First Novella: How to Write Your First Novella Tips Polis Books is an independent book publisher founded in 2013 aiming to deliver all the service and professionalism of a major trade publishing house with the innovation and speed necessary to thrive in a rapidly-changing book market. Authors receive 40% net royalties on digital formats and 20% on print. Your best bet is to query first asking if they will accept this type of submission or query and ask what they require in the submission or query package. Salt Lake City [United States] A small press seeking submissions that have appealing characters and a good story. Twenty-nine novellas are currently available. Publishers listed here are either furry-owned or explicitly open to anthropomorphic fiction. For nearly 100 years, authors have trusted Dorrance to write, publish and promote their books! Please select the service that best fits your needs. We specialise in publishing books with a historical/nostalgic content and over the past 30 years we have published books on a wide variety of subjects, including memoirs, biographies, military history, local history, historical fiction and much else. Publishers Desperately Seeking Insanely Great Debut Novelists. Scheduled to go live on the third Thursday of June, Issue 7 is, instead, going live on the third Thursday of July. She has been highlighted in several national and international magazines and periodicals, including Publishers Weekly, Forbes, Media Bistro, Writers and Poets, Essence Magazine, Ebony, Jet, Women on Writing, Writer's Digest Magazine, The Writer, The Network Journal, and Rolling Out. The Miami University Novella Prize is awarded annually to a novella-length manuscript of original fiction (18,000–40,000 words). penguinrandomhouse. We believe that literature has the potential to change the way we see the world, and that bringing new voices to essential conversations is the clearest path to ensuring a vibrant, diverse, and empowered future. Most publishers will at least look at a Graphic Novel submission. For all submissions send: Query Letter. Use this list only as a guide to the publishers specializing in business, financial, and career books. DAW Books is the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Penguin Books. . An Editor’s Note by Managing Editor Will Waller: Right, so, some of you may have noticed that this issue is late. Stories should be accessible, with strong plots and compelling characters, written with a good knowledge of the science fiction or fantasy canon. 29 March 2013 / novella, novella publisher, novella submissions, novellas, Publishers, publishers of novellas, publishers publishing novellas / 5 comments So it's looking like my latest work in progress Unfit for motherhood is going to be a novella. This is a preliminary list. Remember that non-furry publishers---especially those publishing science fiction and fantasy---may also be open to anthro-themed manuscripts. It's not something publishers typically take on submission, but usually something they ask for, asking an author specifically to participate. Established in 2011 after the closure of Flatmancrooked, Nouvella utilizes Launch , a program for emerging authors in which the reading community can “invest” in the career of an author by purchasing a “share” during a designated one-week period. Submission Guidelines. This year's contest is now closed! It will reopen in November 2020. The writers whose work is included in Six Israeli Novellas, edited by Gershon Shaked, possess a wide range of styles and interests. Dorrance Publishing Services. To this end, DAW is actively seeking new works of science fiction and fantasy written by and/or featuring people of color, Native people, disabled people, neuroatypical people, LGBTQIA+ people, and other underrepresented and marginalized communities. The six novellas of this anthology represent Israeli fiction of the '60s, '70s and '80s in terms as complex and variegated as Israel's political and social terrain continues to be. We hope to release up to 4 novellas per year, divided between our existing launch windows (April, July and November). Make connections and discover valuable resources. These publishers are actively taking submissions of manuscripts. Sailing to Byzantium: Six Novellas - Kindle edition by Robert Silverberg. Mission. We'll also bump your submission to the top of the queue so you get a faster response time. We pride ourselves on publishing the best Science Fiction and Fantasy books possible. com. The 2016 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market has oodles of markets (agents, publishers, etc. We need you, your passion, your stories. Subscribe to Carve in print or digital and you can submit fee-free to any non-contest category for the duration of your subscription. Melville House celebrates this renegade art form and its practitioners with titles that are, in many instances, presented in book form for the first time. All submissions of original fiction, poetry, and non-fiction should be sent through our online submission manager, where you’ll also find our complete guidelines. They are particularly interested in thrillers, crime fiction, true crime and children’s books but they will consider a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. [4] Hugo Award nominees and winners are chosen by the supporting and attending members of the annual World Science Fiction Convention , or Worldcon, and the presentation evening constitutes its central event. com offers one of the largest searchable database of literary agents on the web—a treasure trove of reputable, established literary agents seeking writers just like you. List of publishers seeking submissions or novellas, a small publisher may be more willing to take the chance on you. Because we at Cobblestone Press are selective about what we accept, we are looking for authors to set the standard of writing for this press; authors that show extraordinary ability to weave tales of romance through strong, unforgettable characters, plots that This is a list of the top SF/F/H publishers in the WWEnd database who have received at least 10 nominations across all the awards we cover. I am curious to know if agents work with novellas or if they cast them aside due to their length. Submissions will be accepted January 1 - July 30 each year, with a closed reading period beginning August 1. Authors ; Books; News; About; Store Here’s my list of 22 Romance Publishers Seeking Unsolicited Manuscripts Some of these publishers offer a print and e-book version of your book as part of the contract but some of these presses are strictly digital only. Elder Signs Press is seeking print and digital rights for quality science fiction, dark fiction, fantasy and horror novels as well as short stories for our anthologies. We are based out of the Windsor, Ontario-Detroit, Michigan Area but simply seek to publish the best literature out there. The Malahat Review, Canada’s premier literary magazine, invites entries from Canada, the United States, and elsewhere for the Novella Prize. Setting a book’s price requires some creativity on the part of the author, a careful consideration of the book’s potential audience, and an assessment of what the author hopes to accomplish Fledgling Press are an independent publisher in Edinburgh, committed to publishing work by debut authors, emerging talent and new voices in the literary world. We are seeking submissions from authors who can hook us from the first page and keep us flipping until the end. For those writers who are looking to publish humor/satire type novels. Include the word "Query" and the title of your work in the subject line. We update the list and check links every few months – see the date above to know when we last did this. We are open to receiving submissions for proposed books in the following categories: Burial Day Books Call for Submission: Gothic Blue Book VOL 5 CLOSED. The books published by the publishers on this list currently qualify for submission for Edgar Award consideration and applications for Active Status membership . McSweeney’s is a publishing company based in San Francisco. This past weekend I started researching small publishing houses. Submissions to Cactus Rain Publishing. Dark Regions Press is an independent specialty publisher of horror, fantasy and science fiction books since 1985. Focus on one or two at a time and write them a great query letter. page@commapress. Ice and Eskimos It is absolutely pointless approaching a publisher of romance fiction with your schlock horror slasher yarn. To submit a manuscript for consideration, send a query letter and the first ten pages in the body of an email to Submissions[at]anaiahpress[dot]com. We accept manuscripts across all genres, with or without an agent, from anywhere in the world. Submissions Triplicity Publishing is a small, LGBT publisher If writers have already sold thousands of copies online, some major publishers would consider that a merit and publish the books in paperback but because we are a small publisher we prefer new work that hasn’t been out in the marketplace at all. The list includes a mix of publications across various genres and styles, ranging from prestigious, highly competitive options to those specifically seeking new and emerging voices. The online market guide for horror writers. com Publishing will be considering novellas of between 20,000 and 40,000 words in both the science fiction and fantasy genres. Details: We are seeking novellas that feature multiple sex scenes with an engaging storyline. Erin Harris of Folio Literary Management–seeking “Contemporary, voice-driven novels that approach the universal experience of being a teenager from a surprising or an unlikely perspective. We hope our short books will make you think, feel, react. Full-blown fantasies and science fiction works are not what we are looking for, but rather stories set in our own world with something odd going on. We are accepting submissions now. Submissions: Milkweed Editions will be open to manuscripts of fiction (novels, novellas, and short story collections) from May 1–31, 2017. Umwelt House will launch in 2016 to publish novellas in beautifully-designed print and digital editions. Not that the novellas wouldn’t sell, but they tended to be less cost efficient. Horror Book Publishers. You will receive an email notification once your submission is received by our editorial team. This is our listings of Book Publishers Taking Submissions. Harlequin Submission Guidelines Harlequin Enterprises Limited is a Toronto-based company that publishes series romance and women's fiction. To see examples of the kind of work that will appear in this anthology, see the award-winning essays “The Electric Discharge Corona,” by Anne-Marie Yerks, and “Spoken World,” by Brett Garcia Rose. Adult, NA, and YA. And it's free (not because there's a catch, but simply because not enough things in this world are free). Some will require an agent. We are a science fiction, fantasy and horror publishing house, however for this call, we are also open to crime, romance, and contemporary fiction. The Agency We are a full-service agency representing both fiction and nonfiction books. It will respond in about three months and will not consider simultaneous submissions. Publishers & Agents Who Accept Previously Self-published Fiction. Many publishers want stories with romance in them, but what about publishers who specifically want romance novels?. Denton, Writer While researching Literary Agents that accept Romance and/or Erotica submissions I inadvertently came up with a list of Publishers that accept Romance and/or Erotic submissions as well. com * A PDF of your first three chapters * A C. The list of romance publishers and their submissions guidelines was the original purpose for this website. 18) There are many specialty, small presses who are dedicated to putting out as many horror publications as they can. The winner receives $750, a standard contract, publication and 10 copies of the book. Submit entire story OR ENTIRE MANUSCRIPT . Below are eighteen markets to send your novella or novelette. 33 Publishers and Journals Seeking Novellas Pinterest • The world's catalog of ideas How to Write Your First Novella: How to Write Your First Novella Tips We publish 16 to 18 books a year of poetry, short story collections, and novellas. Polis Books is an independent publishing company actively seeking new and established authors for our growing list. Stories or novellas previously published in magazines or journals or in book form as part of an anthology are eligible. World Weaver Press Submission Guidelines for Fiction (novels, novellas, serialized fiction, and collections) SUPPORT ORISON BOOKS THROUGH PATREON! Orison Books has launched a Patreon page! Patreon is a wonderful platform through which people who want to support creative endeavors can make a recurring monthly contribution to organizations and individuals. ) for writers & illustrators of children’s books — from picture books to middle grade to young adult. As the editors over at Horror Fiction Review once noted , "The horror genre is one of the few genres that even HAS its own small press. Apex Publications is accepting unsolicited submissions of science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels/novellas July 8th through July 31st. Many writers love reworking fairy tales for the modern age, or from an alternate character's point of view. Don't spend a lot of time or money contacting these publishers en masse. Novels, Novellas and Novelettes. World Castle Publishing is currently closed for new submissions until January 1, 2019 Submission Requirements. Cactus Rain Publishing is seeking unique fiction manuscripts from authors around the world. uk, as Word for PC or RTF attachments, with the cover note and full contact details included inside the attachment itself (i. Listed below are 44 publishers currently seeking/accepting unsolicited and unagented romance novels, short stories, novellas and anthologies. Our mission is to help you become a published author by working with you and building a relationship that will last. This is why agents avoid them. We provide our authors with a full-service publishing experience, marketing support, and technical know-how, while ensuring that these literary marauders are truly the cream of the crop through a highly selective acquisition process. Fatal Error: Array ( [type] => 2 [message] => unlink(): No such file or directory [file] => /www/www. Peachtree Publishers is an independently owned trade book publisher, specializing in quality children's books, from picture books to young adult fiction and nonfiction; consumer references in health, education, and parenting; and regional guide books about the American South, where the company is based. com in standard magazine format: Approved publishers meet MWA’s professional standards of good business practice and fair treatment of authors. Our talented writers will satisfy your desire for high quality m/m romance. Please fill in and upload all relevant information in the form below. Suspense Publishing is a place where authors can get their e-books published. WiDo Publishing. The publisher offers traditional publishing deals as well as co-operative publishing for authors. 33 publishers and journals seeking novellas bookfox, it can seem like there is no place to publish your novella, but actually the opposite is true: the form is experiencing a revival from melville houses “the art of the novella” series of classic If you would like to find out more about our authors and their work, please visit the Literary Sales pages on Publishers Marketplace or search for a listing of recent sales. On this page we'll try to dispel a few myths and offer some helpful hints and encouragement to writers hoping to take that great leap forward to getting published. What follows is a list of publishers accepting previously self-published work (speculative fiction), directly from the author (unagented). The fastest and easiest way to send us your submission. Gothic Blue Books were short fictions popular in the 18th and 19th century. The other alternative is to submit your manuscript to book publishing companies directly such as the following 19 top publishers seeking historical fiction. The manuscripts and all correspondence MUST be in English. We are one of the few publishers, small or large, to publish our books in print, digital, and audio with simultaneous distribution in the US, Canada, and UK. All 6 Contemporary American Novellas from Black Hill press. We are currently open to submissions of novel, novella and novelette length fiction for stand-alone publication in digital form, with possible consideration for print publication. Agents/Editors Please check back in early 2019 for the updated list of agents and editors who will be attending PitchFest 2019 at ThrillerFest XIV. The following guidelines are for general short story submissions to our anthology series. Joyce Carol Oates, Neil LaBute and Michael Cunningham are just a few well-known authors who have tackled this genre. ”) The publishers I have listed below accept a variety of formats: short stories, poems, and novels. Please read the rules before posting! This subreddit is dedicated to writing in the fantasy genre. If your goal is to write novellas, start small with indie presses, perhaps self-publishing, and build a name for yourself as a novella author. Submitting directly to publishers is also Types of novellas they are looking for: All kinds except adult-themed. publishers seeking novellas